Celebfilms is a European-based cinematographic production company whose vocation is to write, produce and promote original works.

  • Taming the Apex Poster

    Taming the Apex

    4 Racing drivers. 4 Stories. 4 Fascinating chapters from the world of Motorsport. Watch them put their lives on the line in this behind-the-scenes journey into the heart of elite motor racing, through the eyes …

  • Edward & Lulu Poster

    Edward & Lulu

    Two half-brothers are thrust back together after twelve years apart in order to fulfill their mother’s last wishes. The inheritance will be theirs if they travel together from North to South of France in an …

  • Segiu Celibidache's Garden

    Sergiu Celibidache’s Garden

    An intimate portrait of the world famous and revered classical conductor and composer Sergiu Celibidache. This ambitious cinema docu-drama follows the maestro through rehearsal with the Munich Philharmoniker and on tour. The film crew’s main …

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