Taming the Apex Poster

Taming the Apex

4 Racing drivers.

4 Stories.

4 Fascinating chapters from the world of Motorsport.

Watch them put their lives on the line in this behind-the-scenes journey into the heart of elite motor racing, through the eyes of four racers, each on a path to their own destiny.

Not just footage of motor racing shot in the pit lane, trackside and after-race interviews, this is a real insight in to the lives of real racing drivers: the passion, the adrenaline, the unprecedented dedication, the glory, as well as the constant struggle, the physical and mental pain, the risk and the sacrifice.

This film is not only a racing driver’s vision from behind his visor, but more a vision of a man staring at his destiny down the barrel of a gun.

Project Details

Director: Serge Ioan Celebidachi

Producer: Reg Bekker

Cast: Bruce Jouanny, Duncan Tappy, Franck Perera, Sam Bird

Date: 2012 (Completed)

Duration: 1 x 98min Film

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Serge Ioan Celebidachi

Reg Bekker
Olivier Rakotoniaina

Directors of Photography
Abderrafia El Abdioui
Erik Wilson

Camera Operators
Baptiste Merlin
Erik Wilson
Reg Bekker
William Reed
Tijmen Veldhuizen
Stuart Nicholas White
Johathan le Roux

Sound Recordists
Michel Pretre
Xavier Remy
Clement Escaffre

Sound Editors
Reg Bekker

Make‐up Artists
Nadine Pyke (Nadine Pyke Makeup & Hair)
Louise Walsh (Nadine Pyke Makeup & Hair)
Lucy Friend (Nadine Pyke Makeup & Hair)
Corinne Bossu – Independent
Samantha Penne -­‐ independent

Reg Bekker

Assistant Editors
William Reed
Richard Crandon

Production Assistants
Alice Riley
Corinne Bossu


Sam Bird
The Fighter

Bruce Jouanny
The Mentor

Duncan Tappy
The Challenger

Franck Perera
The Prodigy

John Bird
Sam’s Father

Diane Bird
Sam’s Mother

Max Bird
Sam’s Brother

Mellie Jarvis
Sam’s Girlfriend

Steve Tappy
Duncan’s Father

Lori Sims
Duncan’s Girlfriend

Jean Pierre Jouanny
Bruce Father

Sarah Buller
Bruce’s Girlfriend

James Olivier
Manager of

Serge Ioan Celebidachi

Adrian de Meyer
Bruce Manager

Stephane Roux

Michael Bettencourt
(ami de Franck a Cannes)

Dina Zade
(The Girl by the swimming pool)

(The PR of the Nightclub)

David O’Leary
Angry Bar Customer 1

Yvonne Dietz
Angry Bar Customer 2

Joe Teague
Restaurant Manager

Dominic Bon de Sousa Pernes
Restaurant Owner Manager

Lynn Huddart
Bar Extra

Iryna Gaillat
Bar Extra

The Tortes

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