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Edward & Lulu

Two half-brothers are thrust back together after twelve years apart in order to fulfill their mother’s last wishes. The inheritance will be theirs if they travel together from North to South of France in an electric car provided for the trip.

The voyage triggers a re-discovery of each other and of their true selves, redefining the boundaries of tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and love.

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James Olivier

Stéphane Roux-Weiss

The Prostitute
Claire Rolland

The Hitch-Hiker
Samira Ferreira

The Chief Biker
Hubert Peschoux

The Chief Gipsy
Charles Graves

Hairy Dan
Thierry Giro

The Mechanic
Yannig Samot

The Hotel Waitress
Angélique Graves

The Antique Dealer
Jacques Enrich

The Assistant
Xavier Turcan

The Secretary
Catherine Turcan

The Café Owner
Robert Gonzalez

The Farmer
Jean-Louis Mouche

The Dying Gipsy
Vincent Oller

The Waiter
Jérôme Auffret

The Countrywoman
Isabelle Bérenguer

The Daughter
Florence Hubert

The Cops
Alain Hubert
Didier Caballe

and a Special Appearance by Jean-Laurent Cochet
as The Attorney at Law.

Gipsies’ Extras

Thierry Alié, Jacky Baumela,, Marie-Louise Ferrer, Laurence Font, Pierre Jimenez,
Jean-François Oller, Laurent Oller, Vincent Oller, Guy Ropars,
Joseph San, Monique Sylvia Torres and Claude Olive.

Bikers’ Extras
Jacques Arque, Claudine Bazan, Michel Beltran, Catherine Boutillon, Marc Boutillon,
Georges Calla, Serge Chauchot, Francis Chiroleu, Fabrice Delpech, Nanou D'Orazio,
Jean-François Février, Jacky Galaup, Réné Grandfils, Erik Hortala, Maurice Lahaulle,
Michel Lahaulle, Michel Lajarrige, Thierry Léal, Patrick Leroux, Nathalie Pagès,
Michel Parayre, Vanessa Parayre, Laurence Quintane, Xavier Ribes, Odin Roi and Didier Viret.

Extras at Restaurant and Bar
Christian Dauvillaine, Bernard Llanta, Anaïs Muré, Laëtitia Muré,
Jonathan Hureqt, Radhia Hachemi, Catherine Peytavi, Julien Giro, Maïté Giro,
Christophe Merico and Marie-Thérèse Auffret.

Serge Celebidachi

Bryan Hook

Associate Producer
Olivier Rakoto

Celi James

Script Consultant
Charles Barrett

Director of Photography
Erik Wilson

Costume Designer
Cécile Maille

Art Director
Marie Amiel

Serge Celebidachi

Original Music Composer
Wolfgang Hammerschmid

Production Manager
Stéphane Muller

Camera Operators
Bryan Hook
Erik Wilson

Sound Recordists
Hervé Poissonnier
Jean-Alexis Auffret
Clément Escaffre

Make-up Artist
Corinne Bossu

Continuity Girl
Maya Pissaro

Additional Scenes
Charles Barrett
Stéphane Roux-Weiss

First Assistant Director
Gregory Franchini

Second Assistant Directors
Marwan El-Ahdab
Delphine Réau

Focus Puller
Joan lluro Soler

Clappers/ Loaders
Richard Hewetson
Baptiste Merlin

Key Grip
Federico Lopez

Robin Todd

Boom Swinger
Baptiste Merlin

Location Manager
Charles Graves

Production Assistants
Pascale Guerri
Laurent Guerri
Jonathan Hubert
Sophie Biard

Animation & SFX
Bryan Hook

Sound Editor
Erik Wilson

Sound Assistant
Baptiste Merlin

ADR Supervisor
Peter Hodges (amps)

Foley Artists
Gaelen Greene
Andrea King

Dubbing Mixer
Peter Hodges (amps)

Stéphane Wamin

Still Photographer
Thibaut Chapotot

Making-of Camera Operator
Baptiste Merlin

Delphine Mérieux

The Producers wish to thank:
The Borough of: 
Perpignan, Ille sur Têt, Opoul, Lapalme, Saint-Estève.
The “Tropic Hotel”, EDF Perpignan, Saint-Vicens,
“Le Châtelet” Hotel, The Bar “la Licorne”, The Garage “MLP”,
The Garage “Sedo”, “Classic Scooter”, “Miko”, “Liptonic”,
“Sobraques” Establishments, The “Sigean” Reserve,
The “Bergerie” Restaurant, “La Provençale” Quarries, Chanel,
“Tisserand” Transports , The Bar “le Typhon”, “The Bishop  of Perpignan,
“The Lastours” Domain, “The Martinez” Establishment, Mark Winter, “The Shuttle”,
CVS UK Ltd, “Norasis”, “The Ménard-Garnier” Printer House,
The “Peugeot” Dealers (“Chesneau “ and “Balançon-Malidor”)
and The “Garage du Faubourg”.

And the following Persons:
Prof. Delsol, Maurice Lomes, M. Mannier, Emmanuelle Lebourg, M. Bauby,
M. Müller, Doctor Guérin, M.Ramio, Bernard Llatia, Karine Serra,
Carlos Nucera, Howard Thompson, Peter Skinner, Alexandre Koubbachian,
Yvonne Dietz, Sophie and Quentin Biard, Bernard Galula, Fazal Shah, Steve Good
Patrice Melennec, David Morley Hale, Greville Socket, Richard Pritchard,
Jonn Savannah, Timothy Perrott, Rebecca Jensen, Maria Ruben, Tara Woodhouse,
Anthony O’Leary, Darren Stuart and Dominic Bon de Sousa Pernes.

Insurance Services supplied by
AON/ Allen G Ruben

Shipping by

Edited on AVID supplied by

Camera Accessories supplied by

Grip Equipment supplied by

Lighting Equipment supplied by

Film Mixed at

Filmed with

Shot on

Neg Cutter
Telecinema DI

35mm Inter Neg

Processing by

Words and music by Piero Umiliano
Published by CARLIN MUSIC

"A Little Bit of Luck"
Composed and Performed by Pete McDonald
Produced by Celi Films Limited
Publishing Rights Pete McDonald and CFL

"Driving To Memphis with Edward & Lulu"
Composed and Performed by Pete McDonald
Produced by Celi Films Limited
Publishing Rights Pete McDonald and CFL

"Skiddly Boo"
Composed and Performed by Pete McDonald
Produced by Celi Films Limited
Publishing Rights Pete McDonald and CFL

"Troisième symphonie en fa majeur"
by Johannes Brahms
Conducted by Sergiu Celibidache
with the Special Permission of DGG

Composed by Dick Racey
Produced by Extreme Music

"Yo no Puedo Vivir sin Ti"
Composed by Jérôme Chabo, Pascal Valtes and César Singing
Produced by Guy Bertrand/ Niglo des Chants

"Parlez Bolleaux"
Composed by Hubert Deuringer
Produced by Extreme Music

"Where Do I Go from Here"
Composed and Performed by Pete Mc Donald
Produced by Martin Andrew Smith
Publishing Rights Pete McDonald and CFL

“Edward & Lulu”
Composed by Wolfgang Hammerschmid
Performed by James Olivier & Stéphane Roux-Weiss
Produced by Celi Films Limited
Publishing Rights CFL

The Characters and Events depicted in this Film are fictious. Any Similarity to actual Persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

This film is dedicated to Erma “Fontella” Toney.

Copyright © CELI FILMS LTD 2004

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